The Original Space Lighter

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Own something Out Of This World

Be one of the few people to have unique space aged technology in your pocket. The Original Space Lighter is simply designed, but highly advanced. It will spark conversation with everyone you show it to.

Precision Engineered. Exquisite Form.

Engineered to the most exacting specifications for the most demanding environments. This arc lighter is a USB rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, no fuel, and no hassle! The smooth edges, and premium alloys make this lighter easy to handle and comfortable in your pocket.

Complete Control. Absolute Reliability.

1100 degree Celsius electric plasma arc provides the ability to ignite without the danger of an open flame. High voltage electricity sparks across the electrodes converting the atmosphere to plasma producing tremendous heat while offering a 100% weatherproof source of ignition. The Original Space Lighter will reliably light in rain, wind, or snow.


  • Portable & Convenient: It is suitable for daily indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for travel camping, hiking, BBQs, candles, cooking, fireplaces, fireworks and so on
  • Water resistant against splashes and rain
  • Waterproof double electrode
  • USB charging: no butane or kerosene needed, Lithium Ion battery can be charged from any standard USB port such as laptop or car
  • Elegant high end design
  • Visual indicator of the battery charge so you are never left with an empty battery


  • Material: steel metal alloy
  • Color: blue, black, gold, matte black (optional)
  • Battery: 1 * 702025 Lithium Battery, 3.7V 220mAh (built-in)
  • Item size: 76 * 36 * 13mm / 3.0 * 1.4 * 0.5in
  • Item weight: 72g / 2.5ounce
  • Package size: 120 * 88 * 30mm / 4.7 * 3.5 * 1.2in
  • Package weight: 145g / 5.1ounce

Package List:

  • 1 * Original Space Lighter
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * Box

Product Guarantee:

The Original Space Lighter is our premier product and we stand by it 100%. That's why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the lighter, contact us, and we'll help you out.