Space Aged

Zero fuel, USB Rechargeable, Plasma Arc Technology. Our lighters are windproof, water resistant, and reliable.


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Space Technology in your pocket

  • Super hot

    Plasma temperatures instantly reach 1100°C. Windproof. Will light or melt things better than conventional lighters.

  • Rechargeable

    The included USB cord will allow you to recharge the lighter from your car, laptop or wall adapter. Never run out to the store for fuel again.

  • Engineered

    Premium stainless steel enclosure, make this an investment that will last years. Feel the quality.

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Will Space Lighters Work In Space?

The space lighter will operate in zero gravity environments like that on the international space station. However the spark does require an atmosphere to make plasma, so it will not work in a vacuum.

What else can it be used for?

This lighter needs no lighter fuel and can be recharged easily from a laptop, car or wall socket. it is a great option for camping, BBQ, melting rope, wires or doing electronics work. Flameless operation reduces risk of burning.

Shipping Information

We use DHL to ship to most locations internationally. Tracking number will be provided as soon as your purchase is processed. Most customers receive their order within 2 weeks.